Obama and staff on Air Force One with ProMedia speaker

Air Force One Boasts Klipsch Speakers

While we were at CES 2016, we met with our colleagues from THX. In that meeting, they told us that ProMedia speakers were on board Air Force One, the aircraft that shuttles the President of the United States across the world.

With our curiosity piqued, we were quite surprised when the first Google search of “Air Force One” popped up with Klipsch ProMedia speakers. In fact, you can see a ProMedia speaker in a stock photo on the Wikipedia entry for Air Force One.

We’ve checked out a bunch of photos of one of the world’s most advanced planes and, from what we can see, the speakers seem to be the standard wired versions of the ProMedia. Also, they appear in at least two different rooms on board Air Force One including the President’s main office.

Before anyone tries to make this political, there are photos (see below) of President Barack Obama AND President George W. Bush on Air Force One with ProMedia speakers in the background. Great sound does not align with a political party.

For any owner of the ProMedia speakers, the reasons for the Commander in Chief using these speakers are pretty evident. They can play extremely loud, meaning that even the lowly staffer in the back corner can hear them. A small footprint takes up minimal space, which is important when you are talking about having offices in the sky. They have also won pretty much every award out there in their category including a Readers’ Choice Award from Lifehacker.

Oh and from a taxpayer perspective, these speakers are also relatively low-cost, especially considering all of the above attributes.

We are genuinely proud that the Air Force chose to use Klipsch speakers on the aircraft that serves as both transportation and a second residence for the President of the United States.

What speakers would you have on board Air Force One if you were President? Post in the comments below!

Obama Air Force One ProMedia 2 social

Obama Air Force One ProMedia social

George W Bush Air Force One ProMedia

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