INDIANAPOLIS (April 20, 2005) - Built by the Douglas Aircraft Company in 1939, the historic Aero Theatre in Santa Monica Calif. recently underwent a $1 million renovation and now features Klipsch professional cinema systems. With the help of 23 THX®-Certified Klipsch speakers, this single-screen neighborhood theater has been tagged by industry leaders as delivering some of the best sounding movie performances in the Los Angeles area.

Having been rehabilitated and reopened in January 2005 by American Cinematheque, a non-profit Hollywood-based film society, the Aero Theatre has updated projection and sound equipment and enhanced acoustics to superbly showcase the best in cinema.

The Aero's 425-seat auditorium is equipped with 35 mm and 70mm projection capabilities and a 45 feet by 25 feet screen, three times its previous size. Designed in the 1950s as part of Michael Todd's development of the wide film process, the projectors are European-made Norelco DP 70s that have been outfitted with the newest Schneider Premiere Series optic lenses. The new high-performance Klipsch sound system includes five THX-Certified KPT-535-4-T behind-the-screen systems, 16 THX-Certified KPT-1201 surround speakers and two THX -Approved KPT-684 subwoofers.

Michael Thomson, vice president of operations and technology for Malco Theatres, was a key consultant on the design and installation of the theater's technical overhaul. "Because Klipsch speakers are superior in sound and efficiency, the Aero Theatre now has one of the finest audio systems in Los Angeles," he said.

Bill Hogan, a 30-year veteran in the TV and motion picture industry, volunteered his time to make the Aero project a success. Helping with the coordination and installation of the projection and sound equipment, Hogan mentioned that American Cinematheque evaluated several speaker brands before choosing Klipsch. After taking a trip to Memphis, Tenn. and hearing the Klipsch speakers that are installed inside Malco's Majestic and Paradiso Theatres, Aero management was confident Klipsch was the best choice.

"What I like most about Klipsch speakers is that they deliver a uniformity of coverage and the clarity of the dialogue is phenomenal," said Hogan. "We've gotten a lot of feedback from industry officials regarding how great the Aero sounds."

American Cinematheque also owns and operates the legendary Grauman's 1922 Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard's Walk of Fame. According to Hogan, because American Cinematheque is so pleased with the Aero Theatres' sound performance, they may also consider upgrading the Egyptian with Klipsch.

Taking on a French Norman architectural style, the Aero Theatre opened its doors for the first time on Jan. 10, 1940 and operated with a small staff showing double features that changed three times weekly. In the first month of business, it played films that included On Borrowed Time, The Mysterious Miss X, The Angels Wash Their Faces, In Old Monterey, The Old Maid and Hawaiian Nights.

Nowadays, it presents a variety of old, new and independent screenings. Many of the movies offered include discussions with filmmakers and stars. The historic venue also hosts film festivals that highlight new independent films and filmmakers from around the world.