INDIANAPOLIS (September 15, 2005) - Celebrities set many of the styles and trends around the world today, and local speaker company Klipsch is making certain that its newest products make it into the hands and homes of Hollywood's A-list.

In fact, swanky new Klipsch multimedia speakers are part of a red carpet primping event for celebrities, stylists and media leading up to the 57th annual Emmy Awards this Sunday. The two-day long Silver Spoon Hollywood Buffet event offers an enticing array of the hottest gadgets, newest fashions, luscious beauty products, and delectable cuisine.

Judy Klipsch, vice chairman of Klipsch, began the "buzz marketing" branding initiative last year with the help of her son, Tom Meyer. The pair signed NBA star and Indiana Pacer Jermaine O'Neal to an endorsement deal and placed Klipsch speakers into the presenter's gift bags at the ESPY Awards.

This year, Klipsch has stepped up her branding efforts sponsoring a Stylevilla at the MTV Video Music Awards, Silver Spoon Hollywood Buffet at the Emmy Awards and the Activision Celebrity Gifting House Benefiting St. Jude Children's Hospital at Sundance Film Festival.

Klipsch said that these "buzz marketing" events go way beyond standard cash sponsorships. She said the company creates an experience for celebrities and educates them on the benefits of high-quality, high-performance speakers.

"At each event, we meet celebrities who have owned Klipsch speakers for years and wouldn't settle for anything less," Klipsch said. "We also meet some people who aren't familiar with our brand. Once they hear what Klipsch products deliver they want to have their very own."

Admittedly, Klipsch's initiatives will take time before they reach full potency in the marketplace, but she cited articles in Sports Illustrated and US Weekly magazines, as well as television segments on E! News and Access Hollywood that all mention Klipsch speakers to be positive indicators of even greater results to come.

Following the Emmy Awards this Sunday, Klipsch plans to participate in more high-profile celebrity events and benefits through 2005 and into the new year. The company has already signed on to sponsor an event at the Sundance Film Festival again and Judy Klipsch confirmed that she might participate in celebrity events each month-as long as the strategy continues to have a measurable impact.

"We know people look to their favorite celebrities for fashion cues and 'hot list' products," Klipsch said. "We are winning the loyalty of celebrities through these events and all roads lead to increased name recognition and greater revenues."

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