INDIANAPOLIS (October 21, 2004) - In May 2003, Klipsch Audio Technologies started shipping its Synergy Series loudspeakers and home theater systems to Best Buy's stores nationwide. Since then, Klipsch has gained a large percentage of the speaker market share at Best Buy and plans to strengthen its position with the launch of 11 new Synergy products.

Available at Best Buy stores now, the latest Synergy lineup covers price points from $230 to $850 per pair for loudspeakers and from $1,089 to $2,129 for home theater systems. Striking new cosmetics, detailed industrial design, increased high-frequency extension and advanced horn geometry are highlights of the numerous physical, technological and acoustic advancements included with the 11 new models.

"The newest Synergy speakers are muscle cars with plenty under the hood," said Mark Casavant, vice president for Klipsch. "No other brand offers the energy and intensity of a real movie theater as well as nuanced, lifelike music performance at these prices."

The 11 sonically matched models consist of three passive towers (F-3, F-2 and F-1), two bookshelf models (B-3 and B-2), three center channels (C-3, C-2 and C-1) and three surround speakers (S-3, S-2 and S-1), which include Klipsch's exclusive Wide Dispersion Surround Technology (WDST™). WDST is the industry's no-compromise approach to surround speaker design because it provides rich, immersive surround sound and precise localization of individual effects from a speaker that has much more placement flexibility than conventional designs.

All of the new Synergy Series loudspeakers feature lightweight IMG woofer cones with linear rubber surrounds to ensure minimal distortion and tight bass response. The tweeters have 1-inch aluminium domes, except in the B-2, C-1 and S-1 models, which use 3/4-inch domes, mated to proprietary 90-degree by 60-degree Tractrix® Horns for excellent midrange control and high frequency dispersion.

Available in a black finish with titanium accents, each of these speakers has a sleek and contemporary look. With their grilles on, these models offer a sense of elegance that nicely blends in with almost any home décor, but take the grilles off and they make an aggressive and powerful statement that exudes extreme performance.