INDIANAPOLIS (January 8, 2007) — As part of the International CES Innovations 2007 Design and Engineering Awards program, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) recognized the Klipsch® CS-700 home theater system as being among the best designed and engineered products unveiled in 2007.

As a 2007 Innovations honoree, the CS-700 was given this prestigious accolade by a preeminent panel of independent industrial designers, engineers and members of the trade press. With a record number of more than 1,000 product entries, product evaluations were based on the following criteria: user value, aesthetics, contributions to the quality of life as well as innovative design and qualities. Since 1989, the Innovations Awards program has given consumer electronics manufacturers and developers the opportunity to have their products judged by industry experts.

The CS-700 is a compact 2.1 home theater system with a wireless subwoofer and Dolby® Virtual Speaker technology. Incorporating 60 years of audio expertise, it is designed to deliver the most powerful, most lifelike virtual surround sound performances on the market. The system’s wireless subwoofer and easy set up also make it one of the most flexible.

But wait, there’s more. The CS-700 features exclusive KlipschCast™ wireless technology. Therefore, not only does it wirelessly transmit CD-quality audio to its local 200-watt subwoofer, but also to other KlipschCast products such as the award-winning Klipsch® RoomGroove iPod® speaker. Sold separately, the RoomGroove requires no wiring beyond a power cord and has a retractable iPod® dock. Alone, each product is engineered to be a top performer in its category; together, the CS-700 and one or more RoomGroove units let users “build” a high-performance multi-room audio system that wirelessly streams music, TV or movie sound all over the house.

While the CS-700 will become commercially available spring 2008, the RoomGroove is available for purchase now at select retailers and The CS-700 will carry a $1,299.99 price tag (U.S. MSRP), while the RoomGroove costs $299 each (U.S. MSRP). A three-room KlipschCast system featuring a CS-700 and two RoomGrooves will retail for just under $2,000 (U.S. MSRP).