Flexus Sound System

Flexus Sound System

Introducing the Klipsch Flexus Sound System, a partnership of iconic American audio muscle with the technical precision of Japanese engineering from Onkyo. This strategic partnership fortifies our commitment to delivering unparalleled sound experiences.


      This collaboration with Onkyo infuses hundreds of years of expertise, innovation and extensive testing protocols. The integration of Onkyo technology into the Flexus Sound System represents a deliberate stride toward perfecting every aspect of sound reproduction within our sound bars.

      The all-new electronics package inside each Klipsch Flexus sound bar is designed to deliver Klipsch sound quality and the connectivity our customers expect. We optimized the design to make the system more compact and reliable than ever.


      Klipsch acoustic technology makes the most of Dolby Atmos: Processing the newest movies, shows and games with Dolby Atmos in both the Core 100 and 200 with additional built-in Dolby Atmos up firing speakers in the Core 200. This immersive audio formatting enhances your experience by placing sounds precisely around and above you, to create a realistic, multidimensional audio environment.

      For iOS and Android


      With the new Klipsch Connect Plus app, access:

      • EQ presets or your own custom EQ mix
      • Night Mode
      • Dialogue Boost
      • Volume control
      • And more to come